Clear Water Irrigation

1038 Chandler Oaks Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32221
(904) 880-3800

Hours of Operation
8:30AM to 4:30PM


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Clear Water Irrigation Clear Water Irrigation 

My name is Jon Haney. I was raised and graduated high school in Jacksonville, Florida. I went on to graduate with a business degree from Clearwater Christian College in Clearwater, Florida.

With strong ties to our community I set out over 15 years ago to open Clear Water Irrigation with the core values that we would not compromise on coverage, parts or customer server.

Now over 3,000 sprinkler systems later I can truly say that every day and on every job, Clear Water has tried to install the thickest coverage with Rainbird Professional parts.

And we have truly given it our all in promptly servicing our customers warranty issues. Whether you need a new system, overhaul on an old system, or simply need a repair, call today and see why so many others in the Jacksonville area rely on Clear Water for their irrigation needs!